Helping you to stand out from the crowd

Hi, I'm Jade Thomas, I'm a graphic designer and I run Eau Rouge. I'd like to ask you the following question... What makes your business or product better than your competitors?

You probably know the answer straight away, but would your potential customers be able to answer so quickly? You should be shouting the benefits of your business from the rooftops! But if, like me, you're scared of heights, you would probably prefer not to cling on to your chimney...

OK, so what should you do? Well, firstly call me so we can discuss:

1: Who your target market is
2: How you can reach them
3: When you've found them, what should you tell them?

Not only can I design beautiful logos for you and add creative impact to your printed and online marketing, but I can make sure that you spend your money wisely.

How? By designing strategic, relevant marketing materials that target the right people and clearly communicate your latest news, features and benefits to them. My customers have said they feel that I really care about the design projects I work on; and I do! I want your promotions to be as successful, good looking and understood as you do.

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