Email Newsletters

Targeted email marketing campaigns are:

  • cost effective
  • powerful

A professional looking email is essential to:

  • grab attention
  • hold interest
  • maximise response
  • maintain your brand.

One of the big benefits of using my website to create your emails, is that it shows you detailed reports on things such as:

  • how many people opened, clicked or forwarded your email (click for more info on open rates)
  • which links were popular, and who clicked on them
  • when did subscribers open the email
  • what did they read
  • which email software they use
  • who didn't receive the email and why (click for more info on bounce rates)
  • who unsubscribed (the software handles the subscription lists you provide, and tackles unsubscribes automatically).

... this all helps you to refine the content of your emails to maximise the click-through rate and therefore increase sales!

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Get in contact with me if you would like to discuss your email marketing campaigns.

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